Goalkeeping School

Torjäger Goalkeeper School Philosophy

From Gordon Banks to Lev Yashin to Dino Zoff, through Jean-Marie Pfaff,  Oliver Kahn and Peter Schmeichel to Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas, and Edwin van der Sar…

The Torjäger Goalkeeping School was founded on the overwhelming need for more personalized instruction for young goalkeepers. It is based on the European school of goalkeeping. This type of instruction revolves around two specific areas:

1. Relationships – Between goalkeepers and instructors through small group lessons and year round monitoring/mentoring.  

2. Education – Proper schooling of goalkeeping and its techniques and tactics.

We want to give goalkeepers that “personalized” touch to correctly teach the greatest sport on earth. We offer lowest goalkeeper to instructor ratio that you can find for a reason: WE CARE about teaching young aspiring goalkeepers the correct techniques and tactics and place them in the most demanding environment possible to help them improve.

The Torjäger Goalkeeping School thrives on having the most experienced coaching staff to offer. Our teachers of the game include ONLY ODP and college coaches and former professional players.

Teaching the game and its techniques and tactics with this type of experienced coaches is what is so important to us.

We would like to eventually see all of our goalkeepers playing at the college level and have them say, “The Torjäger Goalkeeping School gave me the foundation and training habits I needed to get where I am today.” This is our goal and we want to help goalkeepers achieve their goals, whatever they may be!”

All Four Major Pillars of Goalkeeping are covered within the Torjäger Goalkeeper School Curriculum:

– Diving Saves
– Goal Kicks
– Distribution
– Field Player Skills
– Stance
– Catching & Handling
– Shot Saving & Redirecting
– Tipping & Parrying
– Crossed Balls
– Boxing
– Breakaway Saves

– Anticipation / Decision Making
– Organizing the Defense
– Breakaway Saves
– Pass Back Rule
– Angle Play and Positioning
– Starting Positions
– Restarts
– Initiating Attacks
– Establishing Tempo
– Sweeper-Keeper Tactics
– Reading the Attack

Mental Skills
– Leadership
– Self-Confidence
– Positive Projection
– Maturity & Poise
– Training Ethics
– Self Awareness
– Handling Pressure
– Self Analysis
– Staying Centered
– Mental Stimulation
– Self Energizing

Physical Dimension  
– Nutrition & Fitness Testing
– Proper Warm-up
– Effective Cool-down
– Prevention of Injury
– Flexibility & Coordination
– Pressure Training
– Biomechanical Analysis
– Strength & Agility
– Footwork Mobility
– Year Round Conditioning
– Power Development

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